NEW! Heroinax Wallpapers
Heroinax Wallpapers: hand-drawn, floral, endless patterns. Black and White and Crazy Colors.
Heroinax Mural at Bogotá
A new mural for a co-working space in Colombia. April 2019
WeWork Wallpapers by Heroinax
Black and White line drawing wallpapers for WeWork offices around the world.
Neons & Objects
Neons and Objects for different projects in Mexico and Colombia.
Mural @ Mexico City
A line drawing mural inspired by Mexican oceans and desert life. Cactus, coral reefs, flying flowers for a new WeWork space in Mexico City. March 2019
Guadalajara Midtown
Mural at Guadalajara, Mexico. September 2018.
Adidas Print by Heroinax
Adidas Active Wear Print Design by Heroinax
Heroinax N5 Mural
New hand painted mural at Mexico City. December 2018
Ping Pong Tables!
Custom Ping Pong tables print inspired by native American and Mexican traditional textiles.
Infinite Landscapes
Prints + Wallpapers
Vulcan Mural at Monterrey, MX
Mural at Monterrey, Mexico. November 2018.
Geometric Mural @ CDMX
A geometric mural inspired by Mexican Textiles on a wooden wall for a WeWork co-working space in Mexico City.
Las Cruces + Surface Design Collection
Surface design project inspired by the country Chile and its local textiles. We include prints for all type of surfaces, such as wallpapers, curtains, pillow, cushions, tables, bedding, technology devices, etc.
Chapter I: The Desert
Haillie Mells travels around Latin America trying to find some answers. In this chapter: the deserts of Mexico and Chile.
Bogotá Mountains
Mural at Bogotá, Colombia. September, 2018.
WeWork Wallpapers by Heroinax #02
Wallpaper design for WeWork offices in Latin America
Guadalajara Landmark
Wall Mural at Guadalajara, Mexico. October 2018.
Sayulita Print
Blend with other materials
Abstract and Digital Prints
Le Utthe Murals #01 #02
Geometric murals that I painted for "Le Utthe" a clothing brand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Commissioned by BBC Arquitectos.
Heroinax Mural #03
Geometric Mural for Ronda Coworking Offices and Window intervention
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