WeWork Wallpapers
With a mission to infuse the workplace with creativity and inspiration, I was thrilled to design wallpapers for WeWork buildings. My designs, originally created for the Latin American offices, have since spread to WeWork locations all around the world.
Whether it be bold and vibrant patterns or calming and serene landscapes, each wallpaper was crafted to bring a touch of individuality and inspiration to the everyday workspace. So, whether you're in the Americas, Asia or Europe, be sure to take a look at the unique designs on the walls of your local WeWork!
Design Inspiration
The wallpapers were inspired by local landscapes, flora and fauna, traditional folk art and the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. 
The project was a true celebration of the diversity and beauty of the region, and I was thrilled to bring these elements into the workplace. Whether it's the colorful streets of Mexico, the lush forests of Brazil, or the stunning Andes Mountains, each wallpaper tells a different story and brings a unique energy to the office. 
I'm proud to have been able to contribute to the creation of a more inspiring and vibrant working environment for the WeWork community.
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